DKV covers more than 1,650 COVID-19 claims to its insureds on income, although they are excluded from the general conditions

DKV covers more than 1,650 COVID-19 claims to its insureds on income, although they are excluded from the general conditions

DKV has covered, since March, more than 1,650 COVID-19 claims from its insureds on income, although in the exclusions of the general conditions because it is a pandemic.

For such coverage, the insurer takes into account the fact that the client is diagnosed as positive according to the protocol of the Ministry of Health and that he presents a withdrawal.

This coverage is not common and, in fact, it is a risk that is generally dismissed in the industry, either it is covered by the payment of an additional premium or it is paid for several days of absence.

In November, during the week of the peak of the pandemic, this additional coverage by the company caused claims handlers to have an 80% more workload than the same time last year. which makes it a significant effort for the company.

DKV is the company most sensitive to this pandemic. Besides the impact of COVID-19 coverage on Renta policyholders, it has demonstrated its commitment to its clients with initiatives such as #AhoraTocaAyudar, through which the insurer contacted 113,000 clients by phone during the weeks of detention for s ” inquire about their situation; inclusion of coverage for out-of-hospital drug treatment for COVID-19 infection; the adoption of solutions in the event of difficulties in the payment of the premium; the extension of psychological care and digital health services to all of the company’s customers, regardless of the product or coverage contracted

The insurer has also offered solidarity actions for the entire population such as #M MédicosFrentealCOVID or #NingnMayorSolo.

At the start of the COVID-19 crisis, DKV opened its I want to take care of me Plus telemedicine platform to all citizens and free of charge to help decongest emergencies. Hand in hand with the Spanish Society of Internal Medicine (SEMI) and the Spanish Society of Family and Community Medicine (semFYC), she launched #M MédicosFrentealCOVID, an initiative through which healthcare professionals altruistically give of their time to attend patient consultations. by chat or phone. More than 8oo physicians have registered as volunteers and more than 27,000 consultations have been followed in different specialties such as family medicine, internal medicine or gynecology.

The insurer has also launched, with the participation of the Volunteer Platform of Spain and the Spanish Society of Geriatrics and Gerontology, a free psychosocial care service, via the telephone number 976 388 601, intended for people aged in order to mitigate the impact. psychological derivative of the crisis.

In Spain, DKV is established throughout the country with a large network of health insurance offices ( and clinics, where nearly 2,000 employees work who provide services to more than 2 million customers.

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