DKV renews its commitment with the ONCE Foundation to reach 792 recruitments of disabled people

DKV renews its commitment with the ONCE Foundation to reach 792 recruitments of disabled people

The President of DKV and the Advisory Board of Fundacin Integralia, Javier Vega de Seoane, the Managing Director of Fundacin Integralia DKV, Cristina Gonzlez and the Executive Vice President of Fundacin ONCE, Alberto Durn, have renewed the Inserta Agreement for the second time. who signed in 2014 and which, on this occasion, will involve the hiring of 150 people with disabilities over the next five years, thus reaching 792 hires since the start of the collaboration.

This agreement is part of the operational programs for youth employment and social economy (POEJ) and social inclusion and social economy (POISES), which are developed by the ONCE Foundation through Inserta Empleo, with co-financing of the European Social Fund, and which aim to increase the training and employment of people with disabilities.

The president of DKV, Javier Vega de Seoane assured that “this renewal of the alliance with the ONCE / Inserta Empleo Foundation brings DKV Seguros closer to greater compliance with the ODS with explicit mention of disability – 4,8,10 , 11 and 17 – and a commitment to managing diversity which is a priority for the company ”.

Then, the general director of Fundacin Integralia DKV, Cristina Gonzlez added “that the support of Fundacin ONCE through Inserta Empleo that we channel through Escuela Integralia with training programs for employability, changes the lives of many people with disabilities. and by extension of Their families. A study carried out in 2019 by INSERTA and commissioned from PWC in 2019 showed that people trained at Escuela Integralia with the support of Inserta Empleo contribute to the fact that people with disabilities can reduce the material well-being gap , personal development and emotional well-being. in addition to access to stable employment at Fundacin Integralia as key indicators of social impact ”.

For his part, the Executive Vice-President of Fundacin ONCE, Alberto Durn, thanked DKV and Fundacin Integralia DKV for their commitment to people with disabilities, because “you are the exemplar personified of what to do” and added that the pandemic has demonstrated the capacity of companies to get involved in social issues and, in this sense, “the good thing is to be able to work together to improve the jobs and the lives of people with disabilities”.

DKV and Fundacin Integralia DKV will continue to rely on Inserta Empleo, the training and employment organization of Fundacin ONCE, to fill the new positions requested by the organizations, to preselect the candidates who best match the profile sought and to provide training that allows them to perform assigned tasks.

The agreement also envisages the promotion of other actions which indirectly promote the employment of disabled people, through the acquisition of goods and the subcontracting of services to special employment centers.

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