DKV rewards a women’s mental health platform and a fun recommendation project

DKV rewards a women’s mental health platform and a fun recommendation project

Health4Good Academic Edition, organized this weekend, is an innovation hackathon organized by DKV with the collaboration of Esade and the student association Ennova

BY RRHHDigital, 16:15 – 23 November 2020

This weekend, 25 teams worked on the two issues related to health and insurance within Health4Good, a hackathon organized by DKV with the collaboration of Esade and the student association Ennova.

The first on women’s health was based on the theme “Helping women understand themselves, grow and take care of themselves by adjusting to the stage they are in” and the second on self-confidence: “How could our customers be a lever for insurance, and attract other customers, in the digital sphere?”.

The two winners were:

For the women’s health category, the “Laia accompanies you” project of Qualud Innovacin en salud. This proposal provides a platform to monitor the mental health of women in their pregnancy and postpartum stages. For the insurance category, the “Insure a friend” project of the MACK Group was selected. A proposal to set up a new space in the DKV application called “My circle” to invite you to take out insurance with a unique and personal reduction code.

In this edition of Health4Good Academic Edition the Lombard method has been used, which includes 4 phases: the first “Reformulation of the problem”, the second “Generation of ideas”, the third “Development of the prototype” and the fourth “Communication” .

On Saturday she started with the opening speech by Marta Oller, Head of the Innovation Unit and member of the Development Department of DKV. On this day, the mentors (from DKV, Esade and other experts) worked with their assigned teams and they developed the first two phases of the Lombard method (“Reformulation of the problem and“ Generation of ideas ”).

In the afternoon, the playoff tournament took place, until there were 6 finalist teams. In the health challenge, these were the Aimarme, Qualud and WTW groups and the Eagles, Argo and Mack insurance group. These 6 teams are the ones that worked on Sunday.

On the second day, phase 3 (“Prototype development”) and phase 4 (“Communication”) were worked on. The six teams developed their ideas and received inspiring lectures from experts in prototyping and communication. In the afternoon, the teams present their proposals to convince the jury composed of:

Julio Lorca: Director of Digital Health Development at DKV Seguros Davide Rovera: ESADE Entrepreneurship Eworks Manager & Lecturer Mnica Casabay: Doctor of Social Sciences, Professor of Marketing for ESADE, New Diploma Project, Bachelor in Transformational Business and Social Impact. Writer in Forbes magazine. Jaime Llad: CEO and Associate Dale Carnegie Espaa Xavier Ferrs: Associate Professor, Operations Management, Innovation and Data Science. ESADE School of Business and Law. Author.

The jury admitted that the deliberation of the winners was not easy because the level of ideas was very good. The two winning teams received 500 euros each and a place in the Esade Idea Up (6-month accelerator with mentors). Julio Lorca, Director of Digital Health Development at DKV Seguros, was responsible for closing the hackathon with a speech.

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