Do management teams care about the internal communication of their companies?

Do management teams care about the internal communication of their companies?

Internal communication has always been one of the big obstacles for medium and large businesses, but with the arrival of COVID and the rise of teleworking, its importance has exploded. With relocated teams and the impossibility of having face-to-face meetings or interviews at the coffee machine, companies must more than ever rely on internal communication

BY RRHH Digital, 13:00 – 26 November 2020

Due to the rise and importance of internal communication, these days, the vacancies related to it have multiplied in recent weeks.

Therefore, from Efficy, a European CRM, they asked:

– How are these offers?

– What department do they belong to?

– Do they demand responsibilities?

– How are they paid?

And so many other questions that have been answered after analyzing all the job offers posted in this field in Spain in recent months.

Which department is in charge of internal communication?

According to research from this company, although they expected most of the senior positions in this area to go to human resources, only 38% of jobs were in this department.

The remaining 62% were offers for the Marketing department that include responsibilities in this discipline.

Is responsibility required for this position?

They also asked about the number of vacancies managed by specialist recruiters (rather than the company itself) and the experience and responsibility of the positions required.

Regarding the first question, they found that while 64.8% of jobs were managed by the company itself, the remaining 35.2% were left in the hands of recruiters.

This percentage is strongly correlated with the positions of high responsibility in these offers, which represented 29.2% of the positions offered. For their part, only 24.6% were positions that could be accessed without previous experience.

What other questions did your research answer?

The other questions asked by the CRM were the average, lowest, highest and most common salary of these jobs, as well as where in Spain more offers of this type were presented and those with the least.

You can access the rest of the internal communication research here, as well as other interesting aspects such as how best to develop an internal communication strategy in these times.

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