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Yoga to strengthen the digestive power: – The digestive power of the body is weak. So doing some yoga pranayama will get rid of this problem. This will also improve your health.

If the food we eat is not digested properly. So even our body cannot function properly. Because he doesn’t get that energy release. What the body should get. So, to strengthen your digestive power, you have to do some yoga. Which will keep your digestive power strong.

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The benefits of yoga

Yoga keeps our body healthy as well as flexible. Our mind is calm and the mind also works properly. Through yoga you can save yourself from many kinds of problems and diseases. If you are facing digestive problems. So you can overcome it by doing some yoga pranayama to overcome it.

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Anand Balasana-

Do balm to improve the digestive system. For this, lie on your back, then bend your knees and bring them closer to the chest. Now hold your toes with your hands, stay in this position for about 20 to 30 seconds. You can do this asana 2 to 4 times as per your convenience.

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There are benefits to doing Padmasana

For Padmasana, you have to sit on the mat in a cross-legged position, after this your legs should rest on each other, while the spine should be straight. Keep both your hands on your knees in a jana posture, inhale and exhale in the same way for a while, you can also repeat it on the side of the other leg.

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Shalabhasana is also an excellent remedy for your body. For this, you lie on your stomach on the mat, meanwhile your back will be up. The stomach will face down. Now keep your feet straight and toes straight and up. Straighten both arms and press down on the thighs. Keep your head and mouth straight. Now take a deep breath. Try to raise both legs upwards. Then raise the legs to the maximum height. You can hold this posture for 20 seconds. After this, while exhaling, bring the legs down. You can do this yoga asana 3 to 4 times as per your convenience.

What childish-

To do balmsana, sit on your knees. Now keep the toes together and the knees slightly apart. While breathing, move your torso forward. Rest your abdomen on the thighs.
Your head should touch the mat. Now spread both your hands forward.

Sit up-

Lie on the ground, take a deep breath and bring your hands down.
Your legs should stay straight. Now raise the hips so that all the pressure is on the thighs, hold the ankles back with your hands, stay in this posture for a while and return to normal posture, now repeat two to four times as per your convenience.

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