Do you belong to the IT sector? These are the eight business areas that a system administrator should control


Do you belong to the IT sector? These are the eight business areas that a system administrator should control

Data science, cybersecurity and agile methodologies are some of the most important areas of knowledge

BY RRHHDigital, 03:30 – 02 August 2021

Cloud computing and business intelligence have become key elements of companies’ digital transformation strategy, further enhancing the role of system administrators. To recognize the fundamental work of these professionals, the last Friday of July was celebrated, as every year, the Day of the Computer Systems Administrator. On the occasion of this commemoration and for all professionals who wish to make the IT sector their profession, the IEBS Business School, the first digital business school for online training, recalls the eight areas of knowledge that a good System Administrator must master:

Cloud computing. Also known as cloud technologies, system administrators control and organize all cloud products and services. This includes everything from remote software access to file storage and internet data processing. IT managers have the ability to access tools and resources to automate processes and make adjustments as needed. Data science. Another area that system administrators typically control is data science. This function focuses on translating the large volumes of available information known as Big Data. This data comes from all kinds of massive information sources and turns it into answers. They work in all types of businesses and industries with the goal of getting reliable answers to everyday problems. Database. Databases play a fundamental role in a business, since they have become a necessity for any software. In this sense, system administrators manage and maintain computerized databases, ensuring that they are secure and that they are up to date. Its main role in this area is to work to make them faster and easier to use, as well as to build systems so as not to lose data when something goes wrong. Cyber ​​security On the other hand, they must also have knowledge about cyber security. Specialists of this profile usually have the main function of backing up computer files, implementing cryptographic protocols and security tools based on them, as well as creating and developing IT security and communication projects. Operating systems. Monitoring operating systems is one of the most common functions of system administrators. Its skills in this area range from computer equipment (hardware), programs (software), operating systems and computer networks, that is, communication between computers. Agile methodologies. Companies that have embarked on a complete digital transformation end up including, implementing and developing agile methodologies within their departments to deliver better quality products and / or services and with reduced costs and deadlines. Therefore, in this field, system administrators must be able to design, organize, plan and develop projects in the field of computer engineering aimed at streamlining processes. Automating. Good system administrators try to automate all possible tasks, as well as activities, processes, or actions that they can. They do this through the use of different software tools and RPA (Robot Process Automation). Process automation improves efficiency and recovery time, and helps optimize operations and processes. It can be implemented in any industry where repetitive tasks are performed. Programming: Finally, these professionals also dominate the field of programming, since they are able to create an application or software to materialize a project that requires the use of a computer language to be used.

“The profile of the IT manager, as well as all the areas it covers, are fundamental for the technological development of companies,” explains Óscar Fuente, director and founder of the IEBS Business School. “According to studies, this is one of the professions whose demand will multiply in the coming years, along with others such as analysts and data scientists, which has almost multiplied by seven over the past six years. years. IT profiles represent a very good professional opportunity for those who want to train in the field since, for example, according to INE, they receive salary offers which are 11,000 euros more than the average salary of Spaniards “, adds- he does.

For all professionals who wish to specialize in fields such as data science, agile methodologies or cybersecurity, the IEBS Business School offers the most recent training according to the new needs of companies with programs such as the Master in Data Science and Big Data, the Master in Digital Project Management or the Master in Cybersecurity.

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