Do you have treatment for baldness? Scientists have once again grown hair on the head! – Scientists found mangrove tree extract that may cure baldness, report says

Strong points:

Scientists in Thailand claim to find a cure for baldness, claims bald drug from mangrove extracts has passed its trial, a trial drug on the heads of 50 people, which will be available on the market in 6 months
Thai scientists have claimed to have found a drug capable of regrowing the hair of bald people. Scientists said that an extract from mangrove trees has been found to cure baldness. Scientists also claimed the success of clinical trials conducted on 50 people. These mangrove plants grow on the beaches.

Mangrove extract
This mangrove extract is known as Avicennia Marin. It contains the main chemical avisequinone-C. These active compounds react with enzymes to prevent hair loss. It also lowers the levels of hormones responsible for baldness. Researchers hope this study will help people with baldness grow back their hair.

Research shows positive impact
These scientists also claimed to have studied their extracts on 50 people. In which Mangrove extracts have been proven to prevent hair loss and also promote hair growth. Scientists at Chullongkorn University in Thailand have been studying Avisequinon-C for years. He also recently won an award from the National Research Council Thailand.

Hair grows on people’s heads
The extract has been tested in research on 50 men and women suffering from baldness. These people were invited to apply a paste based on this extract on the head daily. Thai researchers have regularly photographed the heads of 50 people. After which, he was seen growing hair in the heads of the participants.

Preparation for launching the drug on the market in 6 months
Professor Wanchai Denamakkul from the Faculty of Pharmacognosy and Pharmaceutical Botany at Chullongkorn University said that in addition to preventing hair loss, this substance also promotes hair growth. A private company has also patented this technology for commercial production. After which, the drug can be available in the market within the next six months.

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