“Do you know that it is better to know that poorly known is good? Well it’s Ayuso”

Publication: Sunday, May 2, 2021 11:08

This Saturday, two nominations of members of the People’s Party were widely commented on on social networks. The first was that of the mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, who said ironically: “We will be fascists, but we know how to govern”.

This sentence, which earned him reproaches from Alberto Garzón and José Luis Ábalos, was followed, in the same act, by Beatriz Fanjul. And it is that the president of the New Generations of the PP drew a proverb to praise the leadership of Ayuso … with an unfortunate result.

“Do you know what they say the known bad is better than the good to know? Well, it’s Ayuso,” he said to the audience’s applause. In this act, he also called Ayuso “Lady Madrid”.

His words were shared by Podemos, who “thanked” Fanjul and the PP for their “day of sincerity”.

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