Do you need to get vaccinated in a community different from the one you live in? These are the steps you need to follow

The speed of COVID vaccination continues to increase. The inoculation rate makes the next few months the highlight of the plan. This way, many Spaniards will wonder if they should delay their vacation to receive the flat tire in their Autonomous Community.

As Fernando Simón confirmed, it won’t be necessary. Those who are for a long time in an autonomous community in which they do not reside, can be vaccinated against COVID at their place of vacation. But what steps should you take? Is it worth it? We explain it to you.

As Simón himself pointed out, the ideal would be to postpone the vaccination appointment if the stay only lasts a few days. In this way, citizens will avoid red tape and their vaccination will not be affected.

However, for people who stay in the same vacation spot for a long time, there is the possibility of changing medical residence by requesting the moved card. Here are the steps:

– Go to the health center of your vacation spot and fill out the travel form.

– Show your health card and your ID

– Depending on the autonomous community in which you are located, it may be mandatory to also present a residence or rental contract.

When it is issued, the community will grant us the displaced person’s card, through which you will be assigned a doctor in the same health center who will have access to all your health data.

You can also do this process through the website of the Autonomous Community in which you will be residing during the summer period. You will find the form there and you will need to have a copy of the scanned health card and DNI.

Which communities are for and which are against?

There are already regional governments that have come out in favor of the possibility of vaccinating tourists from other communities in their territories, although they ask the central executive to take into account a possible increase in vaccination on their territories. territories, and require a greater number of doses.

This is the case of Galicia, Cantabria, Andalusia and the Valencian Community, which were the first to give the green light to this anomaly. The most energetic was the Cantabrian President, Miguel Ángel Revilla: “Anyone who has a vaccine abroad and is here, well, he is put here; from the health center, wherever he is, he will be called. He will have to communicate in which They fixed the date of the first dose and, within the deadline, in the corresponding health center, they will vaccinate him. “

The president of the board, Juanma Moreno, also assured that Andalusia will welcome those who come from another autonomous community and who are in period of vaccination.

However, there are already communities that have expressed their disagreement. This is the case of the Basque Country and the Balearics. In his opinion, this is a difficult possibility. For example, the government of the islands calculates that only the number of people who move there thanks to teleworking and who have second homes in the archipelago amount to more than 200,000 doses. For his part, the Minister of Health of the Basque Country recommended “to be vaccinated if necessary and to plan a vacation”.

In addition, several communities will wait for a health plan to come out on the matter. This is the case for Madrid, Extremadura, Castile-La Mancha, Murcia, Aragon, the Canary Islands or Asturias.

However, this possibility is not a measure. It is a health card transfer option that citizens who move temporarily to another autonomous community have, and which gives them the possibility of having more personalized health care. The Andalusian Health Service defines it on its website as “a service which allows a stable professional team to take charge of health care when there are going to be several contacts with the system during the duration of the trip”.

Thus, he maintains, “when it ends, the central and professional mission which was previously exercised is recovered”. It is therefore not essential to seek help in a health center, but it facilitates care. Now, in the midst of a pandemic, vaccination in other communities has been an unusual situation so far.

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