Do you want to compete? Four recommendations to keep in mind during a pandemic


Do you want to compete? Four recommendations to keep in mind during a pandemic

BY RRHHDigital, 1:30 p.m. – January 22, 2021

Getting a job in public administration is always a work option to consider and important enough not to postpone it, especially for those who are really thinking about it. The current uncertainty in the labor market opens up a scenario in which any training effort must be seen as an investment that will put us on the path to more stable employment.

Despite the fact that in 2020 virtually no competitive examinations were held to access the civil service, mainly due to the cessation of activity produced by the confinement and the resulting restrictions, there are already 3,337,100 officials, peaking historically, according to the Labor Force Survey (LFS).

To oppose is to work today for the future, and there is no reason to think that tomorrow is a better day than today. This is what Cofidis recalls on its site, a space dedicated to financial education, which as part of the International Day of Education celebrated on January 24, offers a series of recommendations as guidance. to those who currently they plan to oppose.

Recommendations to take into account before objecting

Be clear about the opposition you want to lead. The personal circumstances such as the studies carried out, the level of languages, the geographical mobility must be appreciated among the main aspects to be taken into account. Have motivation. The reason why this effort is really going to be made must be consistent with the objective at hand, because opposing will occupy a large part of our daily time for several months. Trust your own possibilities. In an opposition, one does not study to succeed but to be better than the others, it is a preparation which requires perseverance and self-confidence. Have your own method and study plan established. These requirements will help to be consistent over time. If you cannot attend class on time, it is advisable to evaluate alternatives such as accessing online preparation training or having the help of a professional specializing in opposing preparation. Start with the theoretical part. Finally, the opposition as a whole must be prepared; In other words, in the case of an appearance for a fire station, police or civil guard, the theoretical part should not be left until the end and focus on physics, both tests should be passed from the same way.

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