Do you want to please your employees? The main thing is to renovate your rest area!

Do you want to please your employees? The main thing is to renovate your rest area!

Knowing that employees deserve the best in their gradual return to the office, Selecta España offers companies the possibility of enriching their rest areas with delicious proposals that offer their teams an exquisite consumption experience, generating moments of disconnection, relaxation and pleasure in these times of pandemic. “The health, social and economic crisis we are experiencing has caused the emergence of new work models and changes in consumption habits. With our various premium solutions, we adapt to a flexible model that combines teleworking and trips to the office, and we cover the strong demand for security and dynamism in catering that companies demand, as well as the desire for happiness and well-being. in the consumer experience ”, says Óscar Aragón, Managing Director of Selecta Spain. And that this company offers excellent alternatives to all workplaces that need to change their restaurant model by opting for unattended solutions, which offer greater food security by eliminating direct contact between people.

The renovation of these rest areas is part of the “People Strategy” of the Human Resources Departments of many companies. According to Aragón, “We are helping HRDs a lot to get closer and keep their teams after what has happened in recent months. We know that employees deserve the best and we want to help them be happier in the workplace. At Selecta, we create unique and irreplaceable moments, in which users relax and recharge their batteries by consuming food from big brands and coffees from big companies with which we have collaboration agreements: Pelican Rouge, Starbucks®, Lavazza and Nescafé ”.

Flexible catering for businesses

To offer this more experiential to the consumer, Selecta has designed a wide range of premium services, which provide a better consumer experience to customers who focus more on the differential value of their equipment and facilities. It thus offers its most demanding customers specialized corners that reflect the latest trends in the automatic catering market, by promoting innovative concepts such as healthy distribution, sustainable distribution or premium distribution, which include exclusive coffee corners.

Its biggest exhibitor is the new Foodies micromarket concept, with which the Group is reinventing the pleasure of eating well by offering workplaces a complete solution for hot and cold drinks and food 24/7. Esta solución, que da respuesta a las tendencias de consumo de la “nueva normalidad”, supone una innovación en el mundo del vending al incorporar productos de gran calidad, frescos y saludables para empresas, que hacen posible que comer bien en la oficina sea mucho easier. “In fact, there are already several companies that have demonstrated their determined desire to benefit their employees. They opted for Foodies, our most revolutionary premium concept to improve the experience of their rest areas and thus help motivate their teams by facilitating access to a comfortable, safe and innovative catering proposition ”, declares Pablo Espada , Grand Account of the Premium Channel. . In addition, these micro-markets include the new Selecta Deli smart refrigerators, one of the company’s latest launches at European level, ideal for keeping food fresh in pristine condition.

Wide range of coffee varieties

In the field of hot drinks, Selecta makes the difference with its range of coffees adapted to the different needs of each company. “In recent years, the consumption trend of consumers has changed completely, as they shift from preference to quantity to quality, especially in the coffee range. The user demands a greater consumption experience, and Selecta is able to fully cover these demands with our wide range of high quality coffee solutions ”, they point out. And it is that to fully personalize its service, Selecta offers both exquisite 100% natural coffee beans and single-dose coffee in capsule form, thus designing a range of exclusive premium coffee combinations designed to satisfy a wide variety of tastes and occasions. In some cases, their coffee corners also incorporate delicious freshly ground coffee with natural liquid milk (UHT).

With a long history, Pelican Rouge is Selecta’s own coffee brand. Since its origins in the Belgian city of Antwerp over 150 years ago, it has sourced the freshest and highest quality beans from plantations in different parts of the world. Later, in its own Pelican Rouge Coffee Roasters, based in Holland, the best beans are selected and roasted to perfection for magnificent coffee collections. Its sustainable practices recently received the Gold EcoVadis award for the second year in a row.

Por otro lado, Selecta from un acuerdo firmado con Nestlé Coffee Partners también ofrece el servicio diferenciador de córners de Starbucks® a empresas que apuestan por el bienestar y satisfacción de sus equipos, para que puedan saborear sus auténticas bebidas directamente en sus centros of work. The “We Proudly Serve Starbucks®” program transfers the authentic experience of this brand to other areas as well, such as industries, education and health centers, gas stations and hotels. This same strategic agreement signed with Nestlé for 5 years also envisages the distribution of the Nescafé brand, with the introduction of coffee beans in some of its vending machines and the promotion of the installation of Nescafé corners at certain customers.

Lavazza is another of the brands included in the Selecta portfolio to add value to customers interested in authentic Italian coffees, characterized by an intense aroma, a very defined body and a compact cream. Each year, this brand selects the best coffees from plantations around the world, with the aim of creating exceptional espressos and delicious cappuccinos, ready to be enjoyed in the workplace.

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