“Do you want to shoot us in the back of the neck?”

Publication: Thursday, February 18, 2021 11:36

The president of the Community of Madrid accused the left of “encouraging the crowd” which took part in the protests in favor of Pablo Hasél and caused damage to the capital.

He did so at the Assembly in Madrid during which he removed a piece of paving stone, which the protesters allegedly launched against the police. “It’s a paving stone and they threw it on the forces and organs of state security, and you remain silent,” he told Pablo Gómez Perpinyà, a deputy from Más Madrid.

Likewise, addressing the bench in More Madrid, he wondered if they were going to report what had happened and if “ultimately they will side with coexistence and peace in the streets, or will they continue to cheer on this crowd. “

In the same vein, he spoke in favor of the deputy of Podemos Isa Serra, whom he accused of not “condemning the violence suffered by the extreme left”. A tone that rose to ask if they “would shoot them in the neck” to other deputies.

For her part, the leader of the purple training of Madrid defended that her party was “in favor of peaceful mobilizations”, she questioned Isabel Díaz Ayuso on the young woman who had lost an eye during the police indictments during the demonstrations in Catalonia .

The president of Madrid did not respond to this last question, but she insisted on the fact that they defend and demonstrate “for a criminal who has less art than any” of those who are in the Assembly of Madrid “with two cubatas”.

The one who strongly condemned the riots on Wednesday is Socialist MP Ángel Gabilondo. A gesture that the “popular” leader of Madrid thanked and who took the opportunity to call on the national government to do the same.

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