Doctor Omar Atiq Forgives Cancer Patients Bill: Pakistani Doctor Wins New Year, Messiah Is Made For Cancer Victims

A Pakistani-American doctor based in the United States has won his heart by being generous to cancer victims in the New Year. Omar Atik, an oncologist who runs the Arkansas Clinic, has done chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and many other tests on about 200 patients. In February 2020, he had to close his hospital due to understaffing. Now Dr Omar has waived the bill of Rs. 5 crore from these patients.

Dr Omar sent a New Years message to his patients and said patients no longer have to pay their dues. He said: “It is a matter of pride for us that we receive patients like you. Many insurance companies overpaid the bill, but there are still a lot of bills left. Unfortunately, this is how our health system works today ”.

He said that after treating cancer for almost 29 years, I was now closing my hospital. Dr Omar said, “The clinic decided that all unpaid patient bills were canceled. The total unpaid bill is said to be 6 lakh 50 thousand dollars or around 4 crore 75 lakh rupees. Dr Omar said when the corona virus has wrecked homes and wrecked businesses, there might not be a better time to forgive people’s bills.

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