Does conciliation retain talent in the company?

The management of reconciliations remains a lever for improvement and constitutes a global value in the company. This is one of the main conclusions of the recent study carried out by Merco, in collaboration with the Fundación Másfamilia, on the impact of the reconciliation of companies as an employer brand which was presented yesterday with Capital Humano, Campofrío and Cepsa .

The data arose as a result of a process of carrying out a survey of different groups that determine the ability of companies to attract and retain talent, taking into account three key values ​​that influence and determine their professional attractiveness: quality of work, employer and internal brand Reputation, evaluated in turn on the basis of 15 variables linked to this valuable intangible.

Concretely, the monitor has for its preparation the opinion of 22,570 workers, 7,366 university students of the last two years, 1,041 business school students, 8,300 citizens, 173 human resources managers, 71 of the unions and 49 hunters. heads. And in addition, an analysis of the talent management policies of 71 companies is carried out.

Roberto Martínez, director of the Másfamilia Foundation and the efr Initiative, explained during the event that the reconciliation and the reputation of a company are closely linked: “In such a current reality, it is essential that companies bet on flexibility and put people at the center of their strategies so that they remain competitive ”.

Reconciliation valuation continues to grow

Employee ratings of work-life balance increase year on year, increasing slightly more than overall satisfaction; although it is still lower and is expected to decline slightly this year due to the pandemic.

Regarding the evolution of workers in the Merco Talent variables between 2016 and 2020, the work-life balance is the second of the variables which, after equality and diversity, has improved the most within Merco Talento. A fact that shows the efforts of companies in this area and the recognition that this work receives from employees.

In this sense, in the companies that make up the Merco Talent Top 10, reconciliation management continues to be the variable that has seen the greatest improvement over the past five years.

Reconciling to attract talent

For his part, José María San Segundo, CEO of Merco, analyzed the correlation between work-life balance and talent loyalty in companies: “Work-life balance is a fundamental variable as a force in businesses. And it works in 2 directions: as a lever of loyalty and as a lever of attraction. In addition to working in these two directions, it is even stronger as a demand or as an expectation. It is a demand from workers to their companies.

Conciliation has advanced but expectations of conciliation advance much more. And this is a demand for the companies in which we would like to work, to such an extent that conciliation is one of the three great attractions of the company as an employer brand. At the same time, it is the main obstacle when it comes to excluding companies in which they do not want to work ”.

Balancing salary and personal development is an important tool for retaining talent in organizations. However, the study shows that the perceived deficit in work-life balance is a hindrance for companies when it comes to attracting talent. Regarding the role that reconciliation plays in the employer brand in certain sectors, the report prepared by Merco shows how general distribution, health, food, banking, electricity and insurance are the sectors with the most negative balances. higher in this appearance. For this reason, companies in these fields make work-life balance their main attribute when it comes to attracting talent.

Finally, the study puts on the table that poor management of the work-life balance is, along with the salary and the lack of ethical and professional values, one of the factors that talent takes into account when he rejects a company to work.

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