Dolphin training in North Korea: Army of killer dolphins, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, will wreak havoc

North Korea’s eccentric dictator Kim Jong has now started building an army of killer dolphins after building those destructive missiles and nuclear bombs. North Korea is currently training dolphinfish on US lines to destroy landmines and kill enemy divers. Based on the satellite images, experts said North Korea was preparing an army of dolphins for its navy. These dolphins were sighted at Nampo Naval Base. All about Kim Jong Un’s army of dolphins …

Kim Jong Un keeps the modern navy with the army of dolphins

North Korea’s Naval Marine Mammal program is said to have started in October 2015, based on photographs received by the United States Naval Institute. The dolphin training ground was first seen in the gray water of a shipyard. This is where coal is offered. There were also warships nearby. In October 2016, another training base came to Nampo. It is believed that dolphins are bred there. The report says the Dolphin Army building program is part of Kim Jong Un’s plan to modernize the navy.

America specializes in the preparation of the army of dolphins

The US Navy specializes in training dolphinfish in combat. These fish are able to identify landmines and torpedoes. Thanks to these fish, enemy divers can be identified and attacked. The United States has a long history of training dolphins and sea lions at their naval base in San Diago. They have also been deployed to Vietnam and the Persian Gulf. So far, only Russia has been able to attack the United States in this region. Russia has deployed beluga whales, dolphins and seals in the Arctic and the Black Sea.

Dolphins are the smartest fish

According to satellite photographs, the fence made by North Korea is intended for dolphinfish. It is built near the fishing form of North Korea. North Korea is also training dolphinfish in its capital, Pyongyang. Let us know that Russia is engaged in the victory of the war with the help of the dolphin, one of the smartest fish in the world. Russia has also deployed trained dolphinfish with its submarines to civil war-stricken Syria. The Russian Navy launched the Marine Mammal Project in the 1990s in response to the United States. This project from Russia caught the world’s attention when the whale fish named Beluga reached Norway in April 2019. This whale fish was called Havaldmir. This whalefish escaped the Russian Navy’s training program.

Dolphins can perform a huge intelligence mission

On the other hand, defense experts believe that these dolphins have been trained in such a way that they find something falling on the surface of the sea. In addition, intelligence can carry out the mission. The dolphins stationed in Syria were sent from the Sevastopol base in the Black Sea near Crimea. It is also possible that they are also seals, but more likely dolphins. Another Russian Navy marine mammal program is underway in the Arctic region. Beluga fish move larger and slower than dolphins. But these fish are more effective in the icy waters of the Arctic. Deadly seals are able to respond to attack from any diver.

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