DomusVi rewards the human quality and the artistic facet of its employees

DomusVi organizes the “DomusVi Lovers” talent competition for nearly 26,000 workers in its centers for the elderly, mental health and disability care and home services, spread across Spain. With this initiative, the company undertakes to recognize and give visibility to the human quality, talent and creativity of the professionals who are part of DomusVi and who have never ceased to fight and work with the vocation and love that characterize them, throughout these difficult months of the pandemic.

After more than a year marked by the health crisis, the entire team of workers in the company has demonstrated its capacity for adaptation and reinvention with great effort but also with great ingenuity and imagination. The teams had to reinvent themselves during confinement, reveal their artistic talents, develop new therapies adapted to the situation, create new links with families, neighbors and the environment … For all these reasons, the “DomusVi Lovers ”aims to be a showcase for professionals, beyond their working environment, to show their skills and their more artistic side in a fun and participatory way to the rest of society. A deserved recognition to professionals who have been able to rise to the occasion. Behind every worker hides a person with their values, attitudes and talents.

As Antonio Martnez, Director of Human Resources at DomusVi Spain, explains, “DomusVi professionals have a spectacular service vocation, they have demonstrated this and continue to do so on a daily basis, especially in times of pandemic. They are the ones who make sure all year round to take care of people with the respect, affection and security they deserve and they do so with empathy, enthusiasm, transmitting confidence and prioritizing excellence. But, in addition, behind every great worker, there is a person with a vocation, creative, resilient, talented… and we want to be an opportunity for them to show it and receive the big applause they deserve ”.

To participate in “DomusVi Lovers”, entrants must upload a video showing their best talent on the HYPERLINK page “” of the specific competition website. So that any worker can be encouraged to participate, different categories have been established, such as music, dance, imitation, cooking, sport or magic, among others. The participation period is open until September 15th. From the 16th, the jury will meet to designate the winners.

The competition includes a first and second Audience Prize, which will recognize the top two talent with the most online votes from website visitors; and a first and a second Jury Prize, rewards which will reward the two best talents declared by a jury, made up of professionals from the company, which appreciates the quality and originality of the services.

In November, the prizes will be awarded to the winners, as part of the Gala des VI Awards of the DomusVi Foundation.

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