donald trump 10 second video: 10 second video of donald trump sold for 48 crore: 10 second video of donald trump sold for 48 crore

In October 2020, Rodriguez Fryle, a Mayami collector, purchased a 10 second video for Rs 49 lakh which was available online for free. However, this is not surprising because last week he sold the same video for 48.3 million. This not only shows the specialty of the video, but discussions have also started on the non-fungible cryptocurrency token (NFT) at online auction.

In this video, former US President Donald Trump is lying on the grass in a place that looks like a park. Many slogans were taken from his body, of which “Looser” is written quite abundantly. In the video, people walk out in front of them and no one is paying attention. The video was created by digital artist Mike Winkleman known online as Beeple.

With the help of blockchain technology, he was certified with digital signature as a job. NFT is a type of digital asset that is operational during KOVID-19. The special thing is that people and investors interested in the digital world spend money on such things which are only online.

“Non-fungible” is used for items that cannot be exchanged. Frail says he bought the 10 second video because he recognized Mike’s work. A trend like NFT has evolved since cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and their prices are also increasing.

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