Donald Trump: Big shock for Trump from the United States Supreme Court, rejection of the plea quashing the presidential election results – The United States Supreme Court rejects the lawsuit backed by Donald Trump in Texas to quash the primary election results

The Supreme Court of America has rejected petitions overturning the presidential election results. These petitions were filed by Republicans in Donald Trump’s party and his supporters. He said the court should overturn the election results of the major states in which Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden won. Let us tell you, Democratic candidate Joe Biden won the US presidential election. He will be sworn in at the White House on January 20.

Supreme Court rejects all claims
The United States Supreme Court, in its brief unsigned Thursday order, said Texas had not shown a conscious judicially interest in the same way other states hold elections. All pending proposals are rejected as contested. The Supreme Court decision is seen as a major setback for Trump, who was trying to reverse the results by challenging Biden’s election.

Trump and Republican lawmakers backed the petition
Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito and Justice Clarence Thomas have said they believe the court should hear the case, but have not clarified the situation on the Texas claim. At least 126 Republican lawmakers have backed the lawsuit. Donald Trump himself welcomed these petitions.

Trump suspects election fraud
Significantly, Trump and his campaign team had made allegations of large-scale election fraud and challenged Biden’s victory in several states in court. State election officials and the mainstream media say they have found no evidence of the fraud.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives welcomed the court’s decision
When the court order came, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the court made the right decision to dismiss the GOP’s illegal and undemocratic trial aimed at overthrowing the will of millions of American voters.

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