Donald Trump congratulates Joe Biden: Donald Trump finally congratulates next US President Jo Biden, pray for success – Donald Trump finally congratulates us next President Joe Biden praying for success

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Donald Trump prayed that Joe Biden succeeds in securing the country. Trump said the American people should be united in their shared values. He said the public should rise above the spirit of partisan hatred in Washington.
After a long political riot, outgoing US President Donald Trump prayed that newly elected President Joe Biden would succeed in securing and enriching the country and congratulated him. Trump has said the American people should unite with their shared values ​​and rise above partisan hatred. Trump’s farewell speech was released by the White House on Tuesday.

Biden is due to be sworn in as president today. In his post, Trump said serving as president is an honor that cannot be explained. Trump said, “Thank you for this unprecedented privilege. That’s what it really is – a privilege and a great honor. He said: “This week we launched a new administration. I wish him (Biden) success in ensuring America’s security and prosperity. We wish them the best and wish them good luck.
Donald Trump can make a new party as soon as he resigns as president, the speculation market is hot
“ All Americans terrorized by the attack on our capital ”
Trump also opened up about his supporters’ Jan.6 attack on the U.S. Capitol (Parliament) in a video of less than 20 minutes. He said: “All Americans were terrified by the attack on our capital. It is an attack on everything we Americans are proud of. It can never be tolerated. Today more than ever, we must unite around our common values ​​and rise above the spirit of partisan hatred.
Joe Biden taking the oath: Today, Joe Biden will be sworn in to the 46th US president, 25,000 security personnel, know how to attend the ceremony
During that, he spoke about the significant achievements of the U.S. government from January 20, 2017 to January 20, 2021 and said his administration achieved more than anyone realized. Meanwhile, there is discussion that Trump, the leader of the Republican Party, may form a new party after he resigns as president. It is said that the name of this new party could be the Patriot Party. In fact, Trump told his supporters in his farewell speech that the movement we started was just the beginning. The speculation market in the United States is hot after Trump’s statement.

Donald Trump congratulates Joe Biden on his victory

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