donald trump coup: explanation: can Donald Trump stay in power in America?

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US President Donald Trump denies Joe Biden’s election victory. Trump questioned Biden’s victory by continuously tweeting and accusing him of rigging. Trump also suddenly turned down his Defense Secretary Mark Asper after the election results. Replaced Washington
President Donald Trump of the most powerful country in the world and his Republican Party have refused to recognize Democratic Party leader Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential election. President Trump is constantly tweeting that questions Biden’s victory and accuses him of rigging the election. Not only that, Trump suddenly replaced his Defense Secretary Mark Asper after the election results. In such a situation, the question arises as to whether Donald Trump is preparing for a military coup to remain in power. Let’s know what the experts say …

Trump’s stance has raised concerns that President Trump and his party leaders are doing everything possible to stay in power. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also recently said: “Trump will easily hand over power for the administration’s second term.” On the other hand, Attorney General William Barr has also asked federal prosecutors to open an investigation into the rigging. Despite all this decision by the Trump administration to stay in power, US experts say Trump no longer has any options to stay in power.

Is Donald Trump preparing for the coup? Pentagon changes give great testimony

What is the option of staying in power near Donald Trump?
Experts say the Electric College meeting will take place on December 14 and vote for the president. After the election results, it is estimated that Biden will get 270 electoral votes to become president. This victory for Joe Biden does not rest on a single state. He made significant strides in Michigan, Nevada, Wisconsin, and Arizona. Prior to the election, claims were made on behalf of the Republican Party that in pro-Republican Party states such as Michigan, Wisconsin, etc., Administrator House could appoint its representatives by ignoring the popular vote.

U.S. federal law also permits the appointment of such delegates if they do not choose an option at an Electoral College meeting. On the other hand, according to experts, there is no evidence of systematic fraud in these states and Biden obtained a clear majority in those states. In such a situation, the directors can elect their representatives. Richard Hassen, professor of law at the University of California, said that if this country upholds the rule of law, I understand that there is no way for Trump to stay in power. Trump also provided no new evidence about widespread election rigging.

Trump’s niece offer – try to make a coup
Apart from the advice of jurists, speculation of a coup in America has intensified. The coup attempt on behalf of Trump can also be measured from the fact that. Mary Trump, the niece of President Donald Trump, tweeted that Joe Biden had won legally and decisively in the presidential election. No matter how much Donald and his people lie and turn around, nothing will change. Stay alert – this is an attempted coup. On the other hand, new US President Joe Biden said on Tuesday it was embarrassing not to accept the defeat of outgoing President Donald Trump in the last election. He said Trump’s inability to accept defeat would not affect his power transfer plan and he started speaking to world leaders.

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