Donald Trump coup: the loser of the legal battle Donald Trump is now engaged in a ‘slow motion’, a new strategy to wrest victory from Biden

Chidanand Rajagatta, Washington State
Michigan Republican lawmakers appeared at the White House on Friday. In fact, US President Donald Trump, who lost the election, is still engaged in rescuing the presidency. Michigan lawmakers are now being asked to give Michigan 16 votes to Trump instead of accepting the Joe Biden-Kamala Harris majority. The Republican camp still claims the election was rigged even though this has not been proven in court.

The same is done in Pennsylvania with 20 electoral votes and in Wisconsin with 10 electoral votes. Biden won here but the Republican Party did not give up hope of electoral votes in his favor. In the presidential election, Biden is considered ahead by a margin of 306-232.

Definition of “ anti-democracy ”
Experts say if Trump wins 46 electoral votes, then there will be a possibility for him to stay in the White House. Many political analysts view Trump’s attempt as a coup. Former congressional attorney Daniel Goldman warns, “The legal challenges are over. Trump realizes that the courts won’t benefit, so he tries to convince elected officials to overturn people’s decisions. Daniel says this political coup is the definition of anti-democracy.

Become aggressive
Not only that, those associated with Trump are calling on their supporters to ‘get back to the country’. This is an attempt to incite extremism. The extent to which Trump tries to win can be measured by the fact that his anger is also a victim of Republican leaders. In fact, there are people on the Republican camp who oppose these Trump efforts. Trump threatened to be defeated in the party’s internal elections. From its leaders loyal to media organizations which now cast doubt on its claims.

Country System Warning
Trump’s lawyers have lost around 30 cases in court and continue to argue that he is unable to prove or present in court. While joking about it, experts also worry and warn about the state of the electoral process and the political system. In Michigan, Trump asked Biden not to certify votes after Biden’s victory, and also to win over party lawmakers.

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