Donald Trump, court of US election results

The most powerful country in the world is now seen in the Democratic Party blue color in the US presidential election. As Democratic Party Leader Joe Biden looks confident about his victory, outgoing President Donald Trump knocks on the door of the courthouse upon seeing the throne. Members of Trump’s publicity team are now pleading with the court to stop the vote count in the remaining states.

In Georgia, Trump’s team alleged that 53 latecomers were also allowed to vote. He claimed election officials supported the Democratic Party. Earlier in the middle of the vote count, Donald Trump claimed he was winning the election. Trump’s claim has turned out to be hollow and he is now preparing to wage a legal battle to save the chair. On the other hand, Biden’s legal team has said they are ready to take on Trump’s team on the pitch.

Biden shows ‘big heart’ as victory approaches
Donald Trump’s teams are contesting the Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan poll results in terms of votes. Biden won elections in Wisconsin and Michigan. This brings the total number of his electoral representatives to 264. Biden is only 6 paces away from 270, the magic figure of becoming president. In 2016 Michigan was on Trump’s behalf. On the other hand, Donald Trump is not satisfied with Biden’s victory in Wisconsin.

Trump campaign manager Bill Steppin said, “There have been reports of ballot counting in many parts of Wisconsin, raising questions about the results.” President Trump wants to appeal the vote count again. Biden gave a cautious response to the victory. Message to take everyone. In a tweet, he said: “To move forward you have to let go of the mentality of taking your rivals as enemies. We are not enemies.

Biden will make a record by winning the election
Joe Biden will be the winning candidate with the most votes in the history of the US presidential election. In this election, Biden received more than 7 million votes. Previously, this record was in the name of Barack Obama, who garnered more than 69 million votes in the 2008 election. However, the results of many important states are yet to come. The count is still ongoing in some states such as Nevada and Pennsylvania, and the results here will prove to be decisive for Biden and Trump. America got so many votes this year that the 120-year record was broken. In total, 66.9% of people used their franchise.

Counting is underway in these American states at the moment
In contrast, the counting of votes is still ongoing in 9 states in America between this legal process. It includes many important states. It is said that the counting of the votes in these states can take several days. States that still count the ballots include Alaska, Arizona, Georgia, Maine, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. However, Biden has taken a decisive advantage in many of those states.

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