Donald Trump Cup: the distance between the military and Donald Trump’s ‘coup’, said the US general –

Presidential elections were held in the United States and Democratic candidate Joe Biden won the majority. However, President Donald Trump has denied the outcome of the election, and circumstances arose that made Trump’s military coup feared. Meanwhile, the country’s chief of staff, Gen. Mark Miley, has said bluntly that the military swears only in the country’s constitution, not a king-queen or dictator. He said that each member of the military will protect him more than himself.

Trump made changes to the Pentagon
In fact, Trump recently made a radical change in the Pentagon, removing defender Mark Esper and then appointing three of his loyalists to key positions. It was only then that speculation was made about what Trump might do in the final two weeks of his tenure. However, he does not have a solid base and Miley has made it clear that Trump will not get help from the military under any circumstances.

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The army decides not to
He told Congress: “If there is a dispute over the elections, the country’s court and parliament will need to be resolved, not the military.” He said members of the military should not be involved in the transfer of power after the elections. Significantly, Trump was angry with Asper for a long time. Especially in June, when Espar disagreed with Trump’s willingness to use the military during the mass movement.

What will Trump do?
Trump’s stance has raised concerns that President Trump and his party leaders are doing everything possible to stay in power. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also recently said: “Trump will easily hand over power for the administration’s second term.” On the other hand, Attorney General William Barr has also asked federal prosecutors to open an investigation into the rigging. Despite all this decision by the Trump administration to stay in power, US experts say Trump no longer has any options to stay in power.

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