Donald Trump: Donald Trump finally agreed to accept defeat in the American elections, but kept this condition! – Donald Trump ready to accept defeat in the 2020 US primary elections against Joe Biden

Almost a month after the US presidential election, Donald Trump finally hinted that he accepted his defeat. However, he also placed a condition for it. Trump has said he is ready to accept defeat if the election results are ‘right’. However, he again repeated allegations of rigging and electoral malfeasance in the presidential election tally.

Trump said – if free and fair elections had been accepted
Democratic Party Leader Joe Biden defeated incumbent President and Republican Leader Donald Trump in the November 3 election. Trump rejected defeat, contesting the election results. Trump told his supporters at a White House event on Wednesday that I don’t mind losing the election. I would have accepted defeat in fair and free elections.

I will accept defeat only if the election result is correct
Trump said all I wanted was the American public not to be fooled. So we had no choice but to do it. He said I am ready to accept defeat if the election results are correct. I hope Biden would like the same.

Several attempts were made to declare the winner during the counting of the votes.
At a Christmas party at the White House, Trump said his supporters said just days after the election we saw several covert attempts to declare a winner begin, as the count was underway in many. many large states. The constitutional process should be able to take place. We will protect the veracity of votes by ensuring that every valid vote is counted and that no invalid vote is counted.

This is why the fight against electoral corruption
US President Donald Trump said it’s not just about honoring the 7.4 million Americans who voted for me, but making sure the American people can trust these elections and all future elections.

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