Donald Trump impeachment trial: … then the attempt to convict Donald Trump in the impeachment case will fail! – we will try to convict Donald Trump in the impeachment case will fail

New York
Former US President Donald Trump’s conviction exercise in the impeachment case may not be possible. One of the main reasons for this is that the current administration requires two-thirds of the votes in the Senate for constitutional reasons and has not yet done so. Earlier on Tuesday, a vote was taken in the Senate.

He won 55 votes to 45 in favor of Trump in the Senate, 12 votes less than a two-thirds majority (67). Although the vote was successful, it did not get enough votes in favor of the Democratic Party, which was enough to blame Trump. In this case, Trump, or rather his party, had a good thing, that in this vote, five Republican MPs were also supported by some Democrats.

As a result, there’s a good chance that the attempt to convict Trump in the impeachment case will likely fail. Significantly, in American history, Trump is the only president who has been impeached twice. The first hearing in this case is to be held on February 8. On Monday, a delegation from the United States House of Representatives submitted an indictment to the Senate alleging that Trump instigated thousands of his supporters to attack the United States Parliament (Capitol) on January 6.

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