Donald Trump in public: Donald Trump to appear in a public event after his electoral defeat: former US President Donald Trump

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Trump has not been publicly active since the resignation of the former US president. Trump will join the Republican Congress next week. Biden visited Florida last month before taking the oath in Washington.
Former US President Donald Trump has lost public sight after losing the election to Democratic candidate Joe Biden. Weeks later, he will be seen publicly for the first time next week. Trump will attend the “ Conservative Political Action Conference ” (CPAC) in Florida. Trump moved to Florida a month before Joe Biden’s swearing-in ceremony on Jan.20.

Will you speak on Biden?
US Conservative Union spokesman Ian Walters confirmed Trump will be speaking at the group’s annual CPAC on February 28. A person familiar with Trump’s speech, on condition of keeping his identity confidential, said there was a chance Trump would speak about the future of the Republican Party and criticize current President Joe Biden for his efforts to reverse its immigration policy.

Not publicly active
CPAC will be held this year in Orlando, Florida, attended by former Trump Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Florida Governor Ron Desantis and South Dakota Governor Christie Noam, as well as several former officials of the Trump administration and several leaders of the Republican Party. Trump has not been more publicly active since leaving the White House in January.

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Donald Trump will return

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