Donald Trump Joe Biden: Donald Trump’s behavior is “ unstable ”, intelligence can slip if spoken: Joe Biden – Donald Trump does not need to give intelligence to Trump because of his attitude volatile

US President Joe Biden has said former President Donald Trump should not be given confidential information due to his “ unstable behavior. ” There is a history of giving such information out of courtesy to the president who has completed his term in America. US presidents often receive intelligence and confidential information even after the end of their mandate.

‘The tongue can slip’
“I don’t want to speculate,” Biden said in an interview with CBS News. I just feel like you don’t need to give them intelligence. How important is it to give them intelligence? What effect can it have? Instead, the point is, his tongue can slide anytime, and he can say anything.

‘Unstable behavior’
This interview is due to air on Sunday. Some parts aired on Friday. Biden said Trump should not be given such information because of his unstable behavior. Earlier this week, White House press secretary Jane Saki said a review was underway to provide information to Trump. Some Democratic Party MPs and even then Trump administration officials raised questions about how to keep them informed.

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