Donald Trump Joe Biden’s transition: Donald Trump approves the cession of power to Joe Biden, the American president on the verge of resigning – American President Donald Trump opens the way for Joe Biden’s transition without however admitting his electoral defeat

The outgoing President of the United States, Donald Donald, appears to be on the verge of giving up. Donald Trump said on Monday that he approved the process of handing over power to Joe Biden. At the same time, he also immediately claimed that he could turn his defeat into victory with the help of the voters. Meanwhile, the White House has also announced that it is finally removing the unexpected ban on aid to Joe Biden.

The head of the General Service Administration (GSA) of the United States, Imli Murphy, wrote a letter to Biden telling him that he could use federal resources as part of the transfer of power process. Tamarind alleged that she had been threatened and tortured. Trump said the General Service administration can do whatever it sees fit. In this tweet, Trump said he is still not giving up.

Trump said: “Our efforts will continue. We will continue to fight vigorously and I believe we will win. Once Biden’s team gets permission from the GSA, they’ll have the money, office space, and the right to meet with federal officials. Previously, Biden’s office said the GSA will now allow the transfer of power in a simple and peaceful manner.

Biden announced the names of the key cabinets
Let us tell you that newly-elected US President Biden announced the key names of his cabinet on Monday. Antony Blinken, who served as deputy secretary during Obama and Biden’s tenure, has been appointed foreign minister. At the same time, lawyer Alejandro Mayorkas was appointed Secretary of Internal Security. Alejandro served as Assistant Secretary for Homeland Security during Obama-Biden’s tenure.

Avril Haynes was appointed director of national intelligence for Biden’s tenure. Avril held various positions for Biden for over a decade. Haynes would be the first woman to be nominated for the post. Biden chose the name of Linda Thomas-Greenfield as ambassador for the United Nations. Joe Biden has appointed Jake Sullivan as National Security Advisor. At the same time, Biden announced the appointment of former Secretary of State John Kerry as the President’s Special Envoy for Climate. Kerry will be the first officer to hold this post on the National Security Council.

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