Donald Trump Jr: Donald Trump’s son shows off Kashmir in Pakistan and shows India as pro Joe Biden supporter

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Trump’s son tweeted “a disputed map of India, Kashmir shown in Pakistan”.
Donald Trump’s son tweeted a disputed map of India during the presidential poll in the United States. Donald Trump Jr. tweeted and showed Trump supporters and Biden supporters in red and blue. In which he described Kashmir as part of Pakistan. Not only that, he also called India a country with the influence of Joe Biden.

India recounted Biden’s influence
Donald Trump Jr. tweeted the world map on Presidential Election Day in the United States. It presents the countries supported by Trump in red. In blue, countries that support Biden are informed. With the exception of the four countries of the world, he described the whole world as a country of support. Countries that Trump Jr. proclaimed as Biden include India, China, Mexico, and Laberia.

Pakistan, Iran and Russia have told their supporters
Trump Jr. even described Pakistan, Iran and Russia as his supporters. It is believed that a row could arise regarding his tweet. Because, a large number of voters of Indian origin support the trump in the American elections.

Trump said India was ‘dirty’
Trump said of China, India and Russia in the last US presidential debate that these countries are not taking care of their dirty winds. In a final debate with Biden in Nashville, Tennessee on Thursday, Trump said, “Look at China, how dirty it is.” Look at Russia. Look at India. The air is very dirty there.

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Biden had targeted Trump
Joe Biden hit back at Trump during the last presidential debate for calling India’s air toxic. Joe Biden said he and his party’s running mate, Kamala Harris, highly respect India’s partnership with the United States. President Trump called India a dirty country. This way we do not talk about our friends and therefore global challenges such as climate change are not faced either.

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