Donald Trump lashed out at India over climate change saying New Delhi was spreading smoke

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Former US President Donald Trump criticized India’s environmental record in his first speech after leaving the White House. Speaking to a group of conservatives on Sunday, Trump attacked Joe Biden’s decision to join the Paris Agreement on climate change. Meanwhile, Trump has also targeted India.

At the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) annual conference in Orlando, Florida, Trump said, “We were following the rules, but China, Russia and India are spreading smoke . ” While we try to protect everything. First of all, China hasn’t started this work for 10 years. At the same time, Russia is operating by old standards.
Donald Trump News: Donald Trump, first seen after leaving the White House, made a big announcement about the new party
Trump explained the difference between legal and illegal immigrants
On the reversal of Biden’s immigration policy, Trump described the difference between legal and illegal immigrants. Trump accused Biden of opening avenues for illegal immigration when immigration should be met on merit. He said: “ Trumpism means strong borders, so the people of our country come on the basis of merit. So that they can come and help us and not let criminals come and create problems for us.

Trump said there is an ongoing immigration crisis along the southern border with Mexico and countries sending ‘caravans’ of illegal immigrants to Central America’ are not giving us the best their best. ” Trump has also criticized the policy of allowing chain migration, that is, members of extended families.

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