Donald Trump Melania Trump: Melania breaks the silence on Donald Trump’s divorce, this response to speculation – Reaction of Melania Trump on rumors of divorce with Donald Trump

There has been speculation about Donald Trump’s relationship with First Lady Melania after the US presidential election. It is even claimed that there may be a divorce between the two. Melania, meanwhile, alleged that Omarosa Manigault Newman, a former political aide to Donald Trump, was “raining” against him.

Indeed, Newman has claimed that Trump and Melania’s 15-year-old marriage is now over. He said Melania was counting every minute. Let us tell you that the talks between President Trump and Melania continue to be talked about, but after the election results the discussion about it intensified.

Melania responded
Meanwhile, Omarosa has claimed Melania will divorce as soon as Trump leaves the White House. He said Melania was now looking for a way to get revenge on Trump. To this Melania spokesperson, Stephanie Grisham said: “It’s sad for Melania that she (Omarosa) is showering and giving such answers to her sense of self, especially when the president has given her so many opportunities. . after.’

So will Melania divorce Donald Trump as soon as he loses the presidential election? Former colleagues affirmed

How did Melania-Donald meet
Trump and Melania Trump’s love affair began in 1998. At that time Donald Trump was 52 and Melania 28. Fashion Week was being held in New York around this time, after which a party was to be held at the KitKat Club in Times Square. Trump and Melania both attended the party. The two turned their eyes on the conversation between the two, and then in 2004, Trump had Melanie offered to marry Melania by wearing a $ 1.5 million diamond ring. After which, the two were married on January 22, 2005.

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