Donald Trump Mike Pence reunion: Mike Pence meets Donald Trump for the first time after violence in the US Parliament, will he break friends? – Mike Pence meets US President Donald Trump for the first time since the Capitol Hill violence

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence has met President Donald Trump for the first time since Trump supporters violated the U.S. Parliament on Capitol Hill. A senior Trump administration official said there had been a “good conversation” between the two leaders. The conversation took place at a time when, according to U.S. media reports, tensions between Mike Pence and Trump have grown significantly in recent days. Democratic Party leaders have called on Pence to begin the process of impeaching Trump.

At the end of this meeting, the White House announced that the president had declared a state of emergency in Washington DC from January 11 to 24. This way, which will remain an emergency even 4 days after Biden becomes president. It is said that plans to be implemented between Trump and Pence in the coming week and the achievements of a 4-year term have been discussed. The White House official said the two leaders believed those who broke the law last week did not represent America’s first movement.

Previously, Trump supporters attacked Parliament and vandalized the interior. Meanwhile, Mike Pence was present inside Parliament. Mike Pence was Trump’s last hope of overturning the November presidential election results of last year. Trump would have been angry not to go against Mike Pence’s constitution. Trump had also openly expressed his displeasure by tweeting. Not only that, during the violence in Parliament some Trump supporters even demanded the hanging of Mike Pence.

Following the violence, Democratic Party leaders called on Mike Pence to implement the 25th Amendment to the Constitution and declare Trump unfit for president. However, Pence repeatedly rejects this request. After being together for four years, negotiations between Mike Pence and Trump over violence in Parliament were closed, which have now resumed. According to the Washington Post newspaper, the dispute between Mike Pence and Donald Trump had increased considerably.

Despite all of Trump’s statements, Mike Pence, like a true soldier, has said nothing against his president, despite his advisers asking him to do so. Mike Pence has announced that he will attend Joe Biden’s swearing-in ceremony. On the other hand, Donald Trump announced that he would stay away from the ceremony. Pence’s colleagues are angry Trump didn’t even call him when Mike Pence hid in the bunker to save his life from Trump supporters.

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