Donald Trump news: after facebook, twitter, youtube, now donald trump’s blogpost is also closed, declining popularity is not the reason – Donald Trump is definitely closing his blog post due to declining readership

Former US President Donald Trump has permanently closed his blog due to low readership. Trump’s senior aide Jason Miller confirmed on Twitter that Trump had shut down his blog. He said he would not return to this platform again. However, Miller did not elaborate on the real reason for leaving the platform.

In a CNBC report, Miller said he supports our broader efforts and that we are working on it. This blog post called From the Desk of Donald J Trump was launched in May to speak directly to his Trump supporters. A few days ago it became known that a small number of people are coming to this Trump platform.

After the attack on the United States Capitol in January by Trump aides, many social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter blocked Donald Trump. After that Trump launched this platform named Blogpost. These tech companies alleged that Trump incited his supporters to violence via social media. However, the decision of these companies also received a lot of criticism around the world.

Those who visit Trump’s platform are greeted by email or text. After that, users who read this Trump article are invited to register. On this page, the user can leave a message by filling in his personal data. According to several local media outlets, Trump will be launching a new platform, the date of which the team has not yet announced.

The Washington Post reported in May that Trump’s platform was troubled by the decline in user numbers. Trump said in a statement that this platform is the real way to bring the good news to the public against the fake news. The former US president also said it was a way to communicate until I decide which platform to join.

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