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There could be a big announcement Wednesday on the lifting of the ban on former US President Donald Trump’s Facebook account. Facebook suspended Donald Trump’s account following the attack on the US Capitol in early January. If his account is restored again, after four months Donald Trump will reappear for the first time on a social media platform.

Facebook will make a big announcement on Wednesday
Facebook’s Supervisory Board was the first to announce its decision in mid-April. Today, Monday, it was said that the board of directors can vote on Donalt Trump’s account on Wednesday. In fact, there is a lot of pressure on Facebook to change its decision. Many states in the US are planning to take strong action against social media companies. According to the report, a law will soon be introduced in Georgia.

Facebook banned many Trump interviews
Facebook also deleted the Donald Trump interview posted on Trump’s account after banning Trump’s account. This was Donald Trump’s first on-camera interview since he stepped down as President on January 20, 2021. Lara Trump is the wife of Donald Trump’s son, Eric Trump. She was a former television producer by profession. However, Facebook did not remove the Trump interview from CNN and Fox News.

Donald Trump’s Facebook-Instagram account banned indefinitely, Mark Zuckerberg announced
Facebook’s supervisory board has more ‘left’
Facebook’s Supervisory Board is made up of 20 people, including five Americans. This council is said to have a large number of left-wing members. It is not yet clear who of the five members will decide the fate of Trump’s Facebook account. The board was formed last year with the first four members elected directly by Facebook. These early members teamed up with the social media mainstay to select more. Facebook pays the salaries of the members of the supervisory board.

Facebook worker tweets against Zuckerberg, job lost, Trump also connected
Then Zuckerberg said – it’s dangerous to allow the trump
Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg defended the ban on Trump’s Facebook account, saying the risk of allowing Trump to post was just too dangerous. Zuckerberg said Facebook deleted President Trump’s post because we decided they could be used to incite more violence.

Twitter Strict Action Against Violence in the US Capitol; Donald Trump’s Twitter account is permanently closed
Trump told rioters ‘I love you’
In a video posted to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, Donald Trump said “ I love you ” to the rioters who attacked the United States Capitol (Parliament) before appealing to return home. Not only that, he also repeated his false allegations of fraud in the US presidential election.

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