Donald Trump News: Donald Trump’s Facebook Account Still Banned, But Supervisory Board Demands Company Review: Board Decision To Continue Suspending Donald Trump’s Facebook Account

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Facebook’s Supervisory Board has confirmed the suspension of former US President Donald Trump’s account. After which all these possibilities were ruled out, in which it was claimed that Facebook was going to remove the ban on Trump’s account. Let me tell you that after the attack on the United States Parliament (US Capitol) in Washington in January, Facebook suspended Trump’s account on charges of inciting violence.

Facebook asked to establish rules within six months
This semi-independent supervisory board of Facebook has expressed its opinion in favor of continuing the suspension of Trump’s account. However, that council also asked Facebook to develop detailed guidelines regarding account suspension within the next six months. It will decide how Facebook treats future world leaders who break the rules.

Facebook’s supervisory board has more ‘left’
Facebook’s Supervisory Board is made up of 20 people, including five Americans. This council is said to have a large number of left-wing members. The board was formed last year with the first four members elected directly by Facebook. These early members teamed up with the social media mainstay to select more. Facebook pays the salaries of the members of the supervisory board.

Zuckerberg to lift the ban on Donald Trump’s Facebook account? There will be a big announcement on Wednesday
Then Zuckerberg said – it’s dangerous to allow the trump
Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg defended the ban on Trump’s Facebook account, saying the risk of allowing Trump to post was just too dangerous. Zuckerberg said Facebook deleted President Trump’s post because we decided they could be used to incite more violence.

Donald Trump’s Facebook-Instagram account banned indefinitely, Mark Zuckerberg announced
The board also told Facebook a lot
While upholding the suspension, however, the board did not get the way Facebook made this decision. The board said it was not appropriate for Facebook to impose an indefinite sanction with no standard of indefinite suspension. Facebook has six months to reconsider the arbitrary sanction imposed on January 7 and set another fine.

Twitter is also banned
The council said the new sanction must be clear, binding, and in line with Facebook’s rules for proportional and serious violations. If Facebook decides to reinstate Trump’s account, the company must immediately detect further violations. Trump is also permanently banned from the microblogging site Twitter.

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