Donald Trump on 2020 US President’s Election Results: Says We Win The US Election – 2020 US Election Results

In the United States, in the midst of a bitter presidential fight, incumbent President Donald Trump has declared he is winning the election. Trump accused him of rigging the election and said he would go to the Supreme Court. Trump, a Republican candidate, said: “We won in Texas, North Carolina and Georgia.” We trust Jita. Trump made the claim at a time when counting is still going on in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Georgia.

Speaking to the media amid the vote count, Donald Trump said the election results would be surprising. The victory will be what we expect. We have wins in Texas, North Carolina, and Georgia. We trust Jita. Trump said the most important thing is that we also get to Pennsylvania. We are slowly moving towards victory.

The war of words between Trump and Joe Biden has escalated
Meanwhile, the war of words between Donald Trump and Joe Biden has escalated. The tutu of Democratic candidate Joe Biden and Republican candidate Donald Trump started on Twitter. Trump tweeted that he was about to declare victory, to which Biden tweeted that the winner’s right is not his or Trump’s, but the public. At the same time, Trump reported on the tweet that Trump accused the Democratic camp of election rigging.

Trump claims, will declare victory
Biden said the results could be released by tomorrow morning (Wednesday evening Indian time). At the same time, Trump announced that he was going to make a statement and further wrote: ‘A great victory’. Another tweet from Trump was posted by Twitter in which he wrote: ‘We are on the verge of a big victory but they are trying to steal the election. We will not let them. Votes cannot be cast after the close of the poll.

Biden hopes to win
Biden claimed the results were expected. He also thanked all his supporters. Biden said, “Have faith, we’re going to win the election.” Biden said Democrats trust Arizona and feel good about Wisconsin and Michigan. He claims victory in Pennsylvania. Biden also said he’s still racing in Georgia.

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