Donald Trump Pressures Georgia Secretary Of State To Find Votes To Reverse US Election Result On Tape: Donald Trump Audio Pushing To Change Viral Results, Storm In US Politics

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Donald Trump pressured Georgia’s top election official to “ change ” the result. Trump asked the election official to “ seek ” enough votes to turn his defeat into victory. After his arrival, the political storm arrived in Washington
US President Donald Trump came under pressure calling on Georgia’s top election official to “ change ” the election result, seeing the move towards defeat in the vote count in the election. Trump has asked the election official to “ seek ” enough votes to turn his defeat in that southern state into victory. After the sound of that phone call went viral in the US media, a political storm arose and it is compared to the Watergate scandal.

In fact, US President Donald Trump has consistently claimed since his election loss that his loss to Joe Biden was largely due to a vote lag. Trump’s claim has been rejected by state and federal election officials and many courts. Trump made that phone call to Georgia Secretary of State and Republican Leader Brad Ruffensperger at a time when some of his allies in the U.S. Congress decided to oppose Biden’s official certificate of victory.

“ I only want to seek 11,780 votes ”
In the US presidential election, Joe Biden received 306 votes and Trump received 232 votes. Not only that, Biden received over seven million popular votes against Trump. Trump has repeatedly pressured Brad Ruffensperger in US media audio to declare him the winner rather than Biden. Trump said, ‘I just want you to do it. I just want to get 11,780 votes, which is more than what we have.

Trump said, “You know it’s okay to say you’ve recalculated the votes.” The ballot was counted three times in Georgia, resulting in two of Biden’s victories. Joe Biden won over 11,779 votes in the final result. There were a total of 50 lakh votes in Georgia. Republican Leader Brad Ruffensperger has dismissed Trump’s claim and said you are relying on fake stuff on social media.

Mercury is hot in US politics again
On the other hand, after this band surfaced, the mercury turned hot again in US politics. Trump and Brad Ruffensperger’s office declined to comment on the tape. Meanwhile, Biden Camp called Trump’s phone call an attack on American democracy. This phone call from Donald Trump is described as criminal action. Journalist Carl Bersten, who was among those who spoke out against the US water scandal, called it worse than the Watergate scandal which caused a storm in US politics.

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