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Almost 72 hours have passed since the count began in the United States, but the picture is not yet clear: Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden is just 6 steps away from winning with 264 electoral votes, while the current President and Republican candidate Trump, with 214 votes, lagged behind in Washington.
Almost 72 hours have passed since the presidential election in the world’s most powerful country, America, but the picture of who will become the next president is still not entirely clear. Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden is just six steps away from winning with 264 electoral votes. At the same time, current President Donald Trump is lagging behind with 214 votes. Tell us why he’s trapped and can Trump still be the president….

In fact, the key to becoming America’s next president is now in the hands of 4 major states. These states are Georgia, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Nevada. In three of those states, Donald Trump leads and Joe Biden in Nevada leads with very few votes. Joe Biden needs a total of 6 votes to become president. If Biden wins Nevada, he will become president. Nevada has a total of 6 votes.

Even Trump won’t be a loser, Bush-Clinton’s results will be a big danger to Biden

In contrast, Donald Trump, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Arizona lead in all three states. However, his lead steadily diminishes over Biden’s. There are a total of 16 votes in Georgia. Trump also has an advantage in Pennsylvania, but is steadily declining. Pennsylvania has 20 electoral votes. The same condition is in Arizona. There are 11 votes here and there is a thorny contest here. Apart from that, there are other states like Alaska where the vote count is still ongoing. Donald Trump hopes that if he wins in these states, he can pave the way to become president again.

Low odds for Donald Trump even after second count
Donald Trump insists again on a count for defeat. On the flip side, experts say that even if this happens, Trump is less likely to win. In fact, Trump’s team is trying to get counted again in states where Biden’s margin of victory is low. Trump is eyeing Michigan and Wisconsin. Trump’s team suffered a court setback over allegations of electoral malfeasance in Michigan.

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Trump’s team hoped they could do a second count on accusing them of cheating, but their hopes were lost. In Wisconsin, a new count can only be done if the winning margin is less than one percent. Trump’s team demanded a new vote count, alleging fraud. If Trump votes here again, he will have to pay a lot of money and it may take 13 days to make a decision.

Trump once again reiterated his claim to victory
At the same time, on Thursday, President Donald Trump reiterated his claim to victory. There are also fears that an attempt is being made to “steal” this election with illegal votes. Trump said at a press conference: “If you count the legal vote, I comfortably win.” But if you count the illegal votes (by mail), then they (Democrats) can try to take the victory away from us. I won many great states with historic margins.

Trump called the opinion polls bogus, saying, “Opinion polls have deliberately shown the blue wave (in favor of Democrats) across the country.” In fact, there was no such wave. There is a big red wave (in favor of the Republicans) across the country, its media was also aware of it but we did not take advantage of it. Anticipating a mess in the mail in the ballots, Trump said, “Surprisingly, how the mail in the ballots only looks to one (Democratic) party.” It is a corrupt practice which also makes people corrupt even if they are not from the inside.

Greta Thunberg, President of the United States on the march to defeat, laughed at her in Donald Trump’s language

Trump receives heavy blow from Michigan and Georgia court
U.S. courts have dismissed lawsuits in Michigan and Georgia in the name of Republican candidate Donald Trump’s campaign for alleged electoral turmoil. The Trump campaign demanded to stop counting postal ballots (when one does not go personally to the polling station but votes by other means) in Michigan, while the election campaign in Georgia alleged that there were inappropriate votes Is also being calculated.

Michigan Claims Court Judge Cynthia Stephens dismissed the lawsuit Thursday, saying the Michigan Secretary of State was not involved in the local counting process. An official order in this regard will be issued on Friday. Several media institutions have declared Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden victorious in the state of Michigan in the presidential election. Judge James F. Bass dismissed the Georgia suit. He said, “I reject the request and reject the petition.” The Trump campaign has also filed a lawsuit in Pennsylvania and Nevada and demanded a recount of the votes in Wisconsin.

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