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“I was right, the Chinese virus came from a lab in Wuhan,” the former US president said.

And Washington Washington. Former US President Donald Trump has given a statement to Wuhan Lab regarding the coronavirus connection that he is quite right to say. Trump says he now wants China to pay for worldwide deaths. The excerpts from the conversation between China and Dr. Fouchi that have come out are so important that they cannot be ignored.

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China is responsible for this loss

Trump says the U.S. and the world should now pay 10 10 trillion for the deaths and damage caused by China. China is responsible for the deaths and damage caused by Corona worldwide and should compensate for these losses. Former U.S. President Trump says he was “right” to say that the virus came from Wuhan’s lab in China. Now everyone is accepting this thing, including his enemies.

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Thousands of pages of e-mails were received

Through the Freedom Information Act, the American media received 3,000 pages of e-mails from January to June 2000. It turned out that in the early days of the Corona epidemic in the United States, Dr. Fochi and his colleagues believed that the Covid-19 could be out of the Wuhan lab in China.

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