Donald Trump said – I’m not behind ‘Joe Biden’ election campaign is going well

Presidential elections are due in the United States on November 3. While the voting process has already started. This type of voting in America is called advance voting. On the other hand, US President Donald Trump has described it as the most important election in the country’s history, saying his election campaign is going very well, especially in some of the hard-fought states.

At the same time, Trump has dismissed media reports and election data showing him withdrawing from Democratic Party presidential candidate Joe Biden. President Trump is campaigning vigorously for his second term and plans to hold multiple rallies a day. Trump told reporters in Columbus, Ohio on Saturday, “I think we’re doing fine.” The number of people joining is incredible.

US presidential election: Donald Trump voted in Florida, says who voted

Naming states with fierce competition, he said: “I’m not convinced that what’s going on is accurate media reporting. But in Florida we are doing extremely well, in North Carolina we are doing extremely well. I’m doing extremely well in Iowa. He later said in a tweet that it was the most important election in US history.

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