Donald Trump says never give up Hundreds of supporters gathered outside White House Uproar over Capitol building: Trump said ‘I will never give up’ Hundreds of supporters gathered outside White House – Uproar over capitol building

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Trump supporters gathered outside the White House and the US Capitol building; the outcry from Trump supporters over the construction of the capital; Trump calls on the police not to commit violence against supporters; said – don’t give up the election
The presidential election in the United States does not take the name of the political turmoil that is revealed over the 2020 results. President Donald Trump, accused of having rigged the elections, is now putting pressure on his supporters. Crowds of Trump supporters gathered outside the White House and the U.S. Capitol building ahead of the convened U.S. Parliament meeting on election results. Trump supporters have also created a ruckus on Capitol Hill. There is also news of clashes with the police.

The streets around Washington have been closed due to a growing crowd of Trump supporters. Police have also been deployed. At the same time, President Donald Trump refused to accept election defeat and asked Vice President Mike Pence to send the election results back to the states. At the same time, Trump called on his supporters to act peacefully. Trump said there should be no violence in the protest. Remember that we are a party to law and order.

The president hit back at Vice President Mike Pence: “ Donald Trump does not have the power to challenge the victory of Joe Biden in the presidential election. ” Trump said Mike Pence did not dare to do what should have been done to protect our country and our Constitution. Trump said election results should be sent back to states, states should have a chance to prove the facts. America asks for the truth.

Meanwhile, news comes that the President-elect of the United States, Joe Biden, has elected his attorney general. According to Reuters, Biden chose Merrick Garland as attorney general. Garland is a judge in the US court.

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The process of tallying and certifying the electoral college’s vote in the joint session of the U.S. Parliament began on Wednesday, but Republican lawmakers in Arizona opposed it as soon as it began. Mike Pence, the country’s vice president presiding over this joint session, adjourned the work of the joint session of the House of Representatives and Senate based on objections, so that the objections can be debated and voted on. Both Houses had two hours to debate and vote on the objections.

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Counting and certifying electoral college votes is normally a formality for every state, but the process will likely be halted on Thursday, due to similar objections from more than 140 Republican members and dozens of senators in the House of Representatives. Is likely to show. In a statement released minutes before Pence began presiding over the joint session of Parliament to count the votes of the Electoral College, “I have consciously decided that my oath to uphold and protect the Constitution has given me Prevents unilateral right decide which vote should be counted and which should not.

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