Donald Trump second impeachment trial: second indictment against Donald Trump: impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump for the second time

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Trump is the first former president in U.S. history to be impeached for the second time. Trump has been accused of instigating his supporters to attack the US parliament. Donald Trump’s lawyers have called the impeachment trial a political drama in Washington.
The second impeachment hearing against former US President Donald Trump began on Tuesday in the Senate. He is the first former president to face such proceedings. He was accused of inciting a riot in the United States Capitol (Parliament) on January 6 to overturn the result of the presidential election being impeached. During this violence, 5 people were killed and some officers were seriously injured.

Trump’s lawyers argue
Trump’s lawyers argue that the former president did not provoke the riot by addressing a rally of supporters. Security arrangements have been reinforced around the capital for the hearing. Trump’s lawyers, in a 78-page memo on Monday, gave details of the legal and factual arguments they want to make at the hearing.

Defense attorneys have alleged that the House impeachment official is only taking portions of Trump’s hour-long speech that are useful to the Democratic Party cause. Lawyers pointed out that Trump has repeatedly appealed to his supporters, raising his voice in peaceful and patriotic ways. He argued that Trump’s remarks that if you don’t fight with your life you are going to lose this country, the election was held against the backdrop of the overall security and not to call for violence.

Many questions about the trial
However, in such a situation, there are many questions in people’s minds about the trial and there is also curiosity as to how this matter will unfold. Like, can we blame Trump? In fact, to condemn Trump, at least 67 senators from the 100-member chamber must vote against him. The House has between 50 and 50 Democratic and Republican senators, with Vice President Kamala Harris being the tiebreaker. But in that case, voting against Trump won’t work either, as only 5 Republican senators voted against him on the test vote day of January 26. Even now, if they vote to condemn Trump, it’s hard to hit the number 67.

What is the case against Trump?
Lawyers for Donald Trump called the impeachment trial a political drama and said Democrats were politically profiting from the January 6 riots. Trump’s lawyers have also argued that the Senate should not conduct an impeachment trial because Trump is no longer the president. Let’s say that in American history, no president has been indicted since he left.

What assets will emerge?
Trump has denied the impeachment officials’ request to testify. He has been in Florida since January 20. Since Twitter banned them, they are now speaking through a press release.

How long will the trial last?
Trump’s first impeachment trial lasted 3 weeks, but this time it will be faster because most of the evidence related to the case has already been publicly disclosed. Furthermore, the Biden administration wants to speed up its $ 1.9 trillion Kovid-19 relief package, and cabinet candidates for this have yet to be confirmed. But no work can continue after the start of the impeachment process. Therefore, efforts will be made to complete this action quickly.

What do the polls say?
In a new Associated Press (AP) news agency poll, most Americans believe Trump is somewhat responsible for the rebellion on Capitol Hill, but they are unanimous on whether the Senate should vote to condemn him . The ABC News / Ipsos poll released Sunday shows 56% of Americans support Trump by blaming Trump. 9 in 10 Democrats want to ban him from office while 8 in 10 Republicans oppose it.

(With the contribution of the AP news agency and the IANS report)

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