Donald Trump to break Jo Biden swearing-in ceremony, breaking 152-year-old tradition – Donald Trump will not attend Joe Biden inauguration ceremony on January 20, his relationship with President Andrew Johnson known

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Donald Trump’s refusal to attend Biden’s swearing-in ceremony in 1869, after Andrew Johnson, the 17th President of the United States, was all President. 152-year tradition in Washington will be broken on the 20th January
US President Donald Trump will not attend Joe Biden’s swearing-in ceremony on January 20. He tweeted that for everyone who asked, I will not be attending the opening on January 20. Trump was the first president in 1869 after Andrew Johnson, the 17th U.S. president, who would not attend his successor’s swearing-in ceremony.

Each president participated in the swearing in of his successor
Prior to that, every U.S. president was involved in the new president’s swearing-in program after his term in office. In 2016, then-President Barack Obama also participated in Donald Trump’s swearing-in program. In 2009, Barack Obama was sworn in to attend Republican President George W. Bush.

Request to remove the asset
Some U.S. lawmakers are preparing to send Trump supporters back to the U.S. Capitol before the end of the presidential term. According to CNN, after Trump is impeached and removed from office, the Senate could prevent him from returning to federal office in the future. A Senate vote would disqualify him forever. Under the 25th Amendment to the country’s constitution, a majority of Vice President Mike Pence and the cabinet are expected to vote to remove Trump from office. This would constitute a major step in itself, citing instability in “the exercise of the functions and duties of one’s post”.

Trump’s Facebook account banned indefinitely
Donald Trump’s Facebook and Instagram accounts were banned for at least two weeks, if not indefinitely, following the violence in the United States on Thursday. During this time, Trump will not be able to access his account on these two social media platforms. It is believed that Trump will now only be able to post someone in the United States after Joe Biden is sworn in.

Trump told rioters ‘I love you’
In a video posted to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, Donald Trump said, “ I love you ” before calling on the rioters who attacked the U.S. Capitol (Parliament) to return home. Not only that, he also repeated his false allegations of fraud in the US presidential election. The post was later deleted by Facebook and Instagram.

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