Donald Trump to create problems for Joe Biden: could take action against China before leaving White House

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Joe Trump could take action against China, preparing to step up Biden Will pressure
Donald Trump is unable to forget the desperate defeat of Joe Biden in the US presidential election. This is the reason why despite Biden’s decisive lead in the vote count, Trump has yet to come to terms with his defeat. There are now fears that Donald Trump will do something that will be a headache for new President Joe Biden during his last term until January 20.

Trump can make a big decision in diplomatic or business interests
According to the expert, before his departure, Donald Trump could make a number of difficult decisions in the field of diplomacy and trade against China. Trump has blamed China directly for the Corona virus outbreak. In such a situation, the US president can take tough decisions against China to make up for the economic loss caused by this epidemic in America.

Experts suspect the trump card
James Greene, a member of the US Embassy in China trade negotiation team and a researcher at Georgetown University, said, “I think Trump can pull such a prank before January 20.” He also said that the Trump administration never maintained standards. In such a situation, it worries me in the context of cooperative transfer procedures.

Trump doesn’t need Senate approval to make a decision
According to the Hong Kong South China Morning Post report, changes in Trump’s US foreign policy can change for as long as he wants, depending on the agency’s executive orders or rules. They do not have to get Senate approval for this. Thanks to this, Trump can make a difficult decision against Beijing.

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What decision can Trump take against China?
Trump can also blame China for the detention and slaughter of Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang. Days before the US presidential election, national security adviser Robert O’Brien accused China of committing genocide in Xinjiang. In addition, Trump can ban the visas of Chinese Communist Party officials. It is also believed that they could try to order American athletes not to attend the Winter Olympics in China in 2022.

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Measures taken for Trump will be heavy on Biden
Trump has already levied high trade duties on imports of many items from China. Restrictions on the Chinese app TicketLock and WeChat were also under his tenure. Trump was the first to ban China’s Huawei Technology 5G network. After which Canada and Great Britain also banned Huawei. Any of Trump’s actions can prove to be a challenge for the Biden administration. In such a situation, they will have to face the most powerful China.

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The negative perception of the American people increased against China
According to the Pew Research Center, 73% of Americans have a negative view of China. Since Trump’s presidency in January 2017, the American people have seen a lot of negative thinking about China. This is why the United States has excluded the Islamic Movement of East Turkestan, which had been on the list of terrorist organizations for almost 20 years.

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