Donald Trump Trapped After Provoking Supporter Calls – Twitter Account Locked: Donald Trump Trapped In Provoking Supporter Calls – Twitter Account Locked

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Curfew locked Donald Trump’s Twitter account in Washington DC after attack and violence by supporters of Donald Trump on the Capitol building, Trump published three video books targeting supporters of Donald Trump’s video . Removal of Washington from its platform
Political pressure continues over the results of the 2020 US presidential election. President Donald Trump has come under pressure to allege election rigging. At the same time, a curfew was imposed on Washington DC after the attack and violence by supporters of Donald Trump against the Capitol building. Here, Donald Trump is trapped in a provocative appeal to his supporters. In view of the violent situation in Washington DC, Twitter took action against Donald Trump and locked his Twitter account.

Twitter said: “All three Donald Trump tweets must be deleted due to the ongoing violent situation in Washington, DC, as these tweets violate our policy of civic integrity.” Twitter said this means Donald Trump’s account will remain locked for 12 hours after these tweets are deleted. If the tweets are not deleted, their Twitter account will remain locked.

Trump posted video for supporters
In fact, President Trump posted a video on Twitter addressing the protesters and called for peace. He said, “There was an election, which was stolen from us.” It was a great election and everyone knows it. Especially on the other side. But now you have to go home. We have to keep the peace. We must maintain law and order. We don’t want to hurt anyone. ”

Outrage from Trump supporters in Capitol building, one dead, Biden said – Betrayal

Twitter closed the retweet on Trump’s tweet, share line option
On this video message from Donald Trump, Twitter turned off Like, Share, and Retweet. A message began flashing at the bottom of the video, in which Twitter wrote: “Bad election practices are disputed, and this tweet may not be reproduced, retweeted, or liked, as it threatens violence.”

Trump said: ‘I will not give up’, supporters gathered outside the White House-Building in the capital

Facebook deleted Trump’s video
After Twitter, Facebook deleted a video of US President Donald Trump. In fact, Trump had addressed his supporters during the violence on the U.S. Capitol. Facebook vice president Gaye Rosen said, “We removed the Trump video because we believe the Trump video could have contributed rather than reduced the risk of continued violence.”

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