Donald Trump Tweet: Election of US President: Donald Trump still hasn’t given up, says – I got 7.1 crore valid votes, I only won – US President Donald Trump has yet to accept his defeat, said I got 71 million votes and I’m the winner

As the United States celebrates Democratic candidate Joe Biden’s victory in the US presidential election results, current President Donald Trump has yet to give up. After nearly 5 hours of silence on the announcement of Biden’s victory, Donald Trump tweeted and claimed to have won. He alleged large-scale fraud in the electoral process.

Trump tweeted: ‘Supervisors are not allowed to enter the counting room. I won this election and have 710 million valid votes. A lot of bad things happened during this whole process that observers were not allowed to see. This has never happened before.

Trump reiterated his allegation of tampering through postal ballots. In the tweet, he added: “Millions of postal ballots have been sent to people, which they never asked for.” Trump wrote in another tweet, “7 million 10 million votes … is the record vote a president got in the election.” Trump also questioned the calculation of mail-in ballots.

Trump had declared himself the winner two days earlier. On Thursday, President Donald Trump, claiming his victory, feared that attempts would be made to “ steal ” this election with false votes. Trump said at a press conference: “If you count the legal vote, I comfortably win.” But if you count the illegal votes (by mail), then they (Democrats) can try to wrest the victory from us through that.

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