Donald Trump US Hindu Women: US Presidential Election: Hindu women in support of Donald Trump pleaded to vote – American Hindu women came out in support of Donald Trump called to vote in primary elections

Due to Donald Trump’s pro-market policies, the tough stance against China, and the appreciation of the Hindu community’s contribution to America, Hindu women here have called for support for the Republican Party. He said that by voting Indians should ensure that Trump can win the November 3 election. A panel of Hindu women from different parts of the United States participated in the online session and expressed their views in favor of President Trump.

Dallas media entrepreneur Karisma Himatsinghani said he was neither left nor right but a moderate centrist and believed Trump to be moderate in his agendas and policies. He said the media made Trump’s image right-wing. Trump has also focused on sustaining the economy, even in these uncertain times due to the Kovid-19 crisis. The president remained determined to cut corporate taxes and remove rigid government regulators that hinder economic growth.

Health administrator Srilekha Palle has criticized the ideology of the Democratic Party. He asked panel members: ‘Do you want your child’s education to be decided by the big government or that you as a parent should decide, do you want doctors and medical professionals decide and that its price be decided by the market? Do it or decide on a big irresponsible government, if you want your life to be decided by a government bureaucrat then vote Democrats, but if you want to live in a free society vote Republican.

‘Take unprecedented action to address India’s concerns’
Palle said President Trump has strengthened Indo-US relations, where he has taken unprecedented steps to address India’s concerns about terrorism and the threat posed by China. Vandana Manglik from Minneapolis highlighted the Democratic Party’s position on Kashmir and the amended Citizenship Act (CAA). She is a Democratic partisan and has voted for the party five times.

Vandana asked: “Democrats are believed to support human rights. But why did the six city councils governing the Democrats pass the anti-India resolution, the anti-CAA resolution? What should city councils do in the affairs of a sovereign country? Entrepreneur Raman Bhowmick in Dallas said, “Republicans have always supported small businesses and undermined government regulators.” Radhika Garimella, another Democrat, said there was a big difference between what Democrats promise and what they do. Sangeeta Dua, president of the Greater Houston Indo-American Republics, proposed in favor of the Republican and President Trump.

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