Donald Trump White House Bunker: Donald Trump made the White House his bunker after the defeat in the US presidential election? – Donald Trump made the White House his bunker after the US defeat in the primary elections

President Donald Trump has been locked in the White House since the results of the US presidential election. According to the CNN report, no public events have been organized by the president since November 3, which also surprised media circles. Trump comes out of the White House just to play golf early in the morning. The rest of the time stays in the White House.

Trump also arrives at his Oval Office until the afternoon and stays until the evening. He even canceled his plans to go on vacation for Thanksgiving. Trump’s behavior resembles a bunker mentality, according to a White House official. Let me tell you that Trump did not accept Joe Biden’s election victory and is challenging the results with legal action.

A media report citing an official said that on several important occasions over the past week the president has not said anything. Whether it is the death of the American people in the peacekeeping mission in Egypt or the long-awaited plan to withdraw security forces from Afghanistan and Iraq, the president himself is never came or said nothing.

According to a CNN report, Trump, for the most part, was busy thinking with his legal team, who are trying legal tricks on the repeat count. Since the election results were announced, the leader of most American allies, who congratulated Biden on the phone. In such a situation, Trump did not speak to any foreign leader or leader. His last conversation was with French President Emmanuel Macron on October 30.

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