Donald Trump White House: finally Donald Trump, “ The loser will leave the White House ”, but did not leave a false speech – Donald Trump concedes the elections and agrees to leave the White House if the electoral college chooses him

Finally, Donald Trump said on Thursday that the election results are difficult to accept, but if Joe Biden wins the electoral college votes, he will leave the White House. He did not say if he would attend Biden’s inauguration ceremony. However, it is clear that Trump still has not given up. He tweeted that Biden was wary of getting 8 crore in votes and again accused him of voter fraud.

The White House will definitely leave
While answering questions from the media for the first time after the election, Trump said it was difficult to accept the election because it is poorly fabricated. When asked if he would leave the White House for a peaceful transfer of power, he said if the Electoral College asked Biden to do so, he certainly would. He said, “Of course I’m going to go, you know that.” However, Trump also said it would be a mistake for the Electoral College to win over Biden.

Even angry
He was also annoyed on several occasions when speaking to the media during the show. When a reporter asked why he would accept the result, Trump said angrily, “I am the President of the United States.” Never talk to the president like that. During this time, Trump showed no complete defeat and hinted at the passage of legal process. He again accused the rigging of voting machines.

Claimed fraud
Trump also tweeted and said Biden received 8 crore votes as bogus. Significantly, Trump challenged the election results in court but by no means won. States have started to certify their results and in about two weeks, on December 14, Electoral Colette will vote for the presidential election.

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