Donald Trump White House: US Presidential Elections 2020: What Donald Trump Will Do If He Is President Here’s Plan B – Donald Trump Is Offered With TV And Book Deals On Losing US Primary Election

Even if Donald Trump does not accept the results of the US presidential election, his camp is starting to find an alternative. According to reports, Trump was offered $ 100 million in book and television deals. A source close to him said that if the election was lost, it was prepared as plan B. According to the source, such offers continue to rain down on the president. He received offers from right-wing television stations after writing a book about his time in the White House.

Have written books before
Significantly, Trump’s Joe Biden refused to give up and is alleging fraud in the vote. Trump already has 19 books to his name, ranging from business to golf. He wrote his last book Crippled America in 2015, a year before he became president. In 2018, he claimed to have written several bestselling books.

Books remain a success
Let us know that celebrities stepping out of the White House continue to receive such offers because readers are interested in what life is like in this government position. According to a DailyMail report, Crown struck a $ 6.5 million deal in 2017 with former President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, while Obama’s new book A Promised Land is due next week. .

Fear editor
However, it is also said that the editors are also concerned that they will not suffer from the fact that Trump is embroiled in legal battles. The financial investigation of the New York State investigation against Trump, how the defamation of E. Jean Carol and the sexual exploitation of more than 20 women are alleged. Many editors also said the appeal on Trump was not the same as Obama.

Trump blamed the media
Let us tell you that Donald Trump blamed the mainstream media for his defeat in the US presidential election. Trump tweeted several tweets saying that Fox News, the Queennipiac poll, ABC and the Washington Post, NBC and the Wall Street Journal were so wrong about their poll of me that it affected the election. Trump said he went further in trying to put more pressure on his ballot and that this should be seen as interference in the election.

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